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Sensei Peter demonstrates a deep understanding of Aikido and passes his knowledge on with an infinite amount of patience and good humour.  He also lays strong emphasis on the martial aspect of Aikido, something I particularly consider of utmost importance.  I will spare sensei Peter's blushes by finishing with the fact that I am at the most happiest and challenging point of my martial journey surrounded by some of the nicest, most helpful set of human beings its been my pleasure to know.  (A.D.)

"I went back to Aikido after nearly 20 years away, partly to get trim again but mainly for the sense of well-being and confidence Aikido affords.  My previous instructor trained in Japan, a black-belt in both Judo and Aikido, he was an absolute master, combining rigour with playfulness, he had a great sense of humour too.  So when I went back to training I was kind of expecting second-best.  To my great delight, Peter Downs' lessons proved just as inspiring, and for exactly the same reasons. (D.H.)

During 2014, I started to practise with takemusu aikido kai club in Norwich after several years break with no particular expectations, only to find the quality, insight and friendliness to be comparable with my first sensei. I highly recommend Aikido as martial art and I would further endorse the takemusu aikido kai club and one of the friendliest and high quality clubs I’ve practised with. (T.M.)

I have now finally became black-belt, after a very long time of wearing the brown-belt. During that long period of waiting a lot of obstacles were in my way: my club back home changed its Aikido association, physical problems made me dizzy on the mat and the loss of joy for the sport made it hard for me to train. I did not have the ease and curiosity for Aikido that I once had had, when I had started Aikido. The experience in Norwich was somehow magical in a way as it gave me back all the lost things. I don't know how, but it was a turning point to finally get over that state of frustration and awoke again the desire to get the first Dan. Thank you all Norwich Aikidokas, especially my trainer, Peter Downs, for training and sharing the spirit of Aikido with me! (N.V.)

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