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The attached pdf file provides a summary of the techniques for each grade from 7th kyu to 1st kyu. Promotion examination may or may not include all the techniques up to your required grade so you should be familiar with techniques in the attached pdf.   When training in pairs the more junior student will demonstrate before the more senior student.  The examiner will advise when each grade has been assessed so those who have completed their examination can leave the mat.  Senior grades will complete all prior grades in a grading session in order to reach their grading level.
Techniques should be demonstrated left side, right side and the different directions appropriate to the technique, namely: irimi (entering); ura (from the rear) and omote (taking uke in the direction they are facing).
How you will be assessed
As well as an increasing range of techniques examiners will also be looking at how you apply them.  At 7th kyu level you will be expected just to know the basic shape of the technique. As you go up the grades we will be looking for improvements in:
  • posture and secure balance
  • relaxed extension of the arms
  • avoidance of strength
  • correct use of hips and centre
  • leading and blending
  • martial awareness and maintaining appropriate distance
  • smooth and continuous technique from beginning to end
  • appropriate use and intention of "atemi" (strikes)
Prior to taking the 7th kyu grading students must be able to demonstrate the following:
kamae (standing ready posture)
seiza (kneeling posture)
Basic movements:
tai no henka (180 degree turn around front foot)
tai no henka irimi tenkan (stepping forward and turning
tai sabaki (sweeping tai no henka)
tai no henka with partner
shikko (knee walking)
Safe falling techniques
mae ukemi (forward roll from kneeling)
ushiro ukemi (backward roll from sitting)
Basic formal attacks
katate tori gyaku hanmi (mirror stance wrist grab)
katate tori ai janmi (mutual stance wrist grab)
shomen uchi (straight overhead strike)
yokumen uchi (strike to side of head or neck)
tsuki (forward thrust/punch
Prior to taking the 6th kyu grading students must be able to also demonstrate:
rolling mae ukemi from standing
rolling ushiro ukemi from standing
Prior to taking the 5th kyu grading students must be able to also demonstrate:
non-rolling mae ukemi (with slap)
non-rolling ushiro ukemi (with slap)
shikko tai no henka
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