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We collect personal information from our contact form, solely for the purpose of responding to your inquiries and any necessary follow-up communications, including notification of seminars and events. We store your information in our email address book, our address book application and in our web-site database. This data may be supplemented by personal information (eg postal address and emergency contact) taken from hard-copy application forms for British Aikido Board insurance purposes. 


We will not sell or otherwise knowingly pass on your data to any third parties, except as detailed below.


When you apply for Insurance Cover we pass hard-copy application forms on to the British Aikido Board via the Aikido Research Federation. We do not keep copies of those forms.


Our web-site has been developed and hosted using Wix may collect, store and process your Non-personal and Personal Information, solely on our behalf and at our direction. For example, contact details from our contact form are then stored with Wix, on our behalf. In this role Wix is a processor and we are the data-controller.




Access to our website may result in cookies and similar tracking technologies being installed on your computer by Wix or other search engines. These technologies are used mostly for stability, security, functionality, performance and advertising purposes by organisations other than ourselves.  Many cookies are deleted at the close of a session. Some may last up to two years and these are usually related to providing a unique identifier to identify new versus returning users for the purposes of data analysis. Takemusu aikido kai Norwich does not have any relationships with any other organisations with regard to selling or using your cookie data for marketing or other purposes.


You may block, opt-out of or otherwise manage such tracking technologies by yourself, through your browser settings or other sources.

Requests concerning your personal information

If you would like to make any requests or queries regarding your Personal Information, please contact Peter Downs. 

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